What is Louder Than a Bomb?

Louder Than a Bomb: The Michigan Youth Poetry Festival is the largest convening of young writers in Michigan. Following the national LTAB model founded by Young Chicago Authors over a decade ago, this annual festival welcomes hundreds of participants from across the state to be a part of this life-changing experience. 

During LTAB, teams of high school-aged poets engage in a robust schedule of poetry slam competitions, intensive workshops, Crossing the Street, open mic performances, MC Olympics, and more. Over the course of the 2-day festival, participants experience some of Detroit’s most treasured institutions including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit, the Detroit Public Library, and Wayne State University.

LTAB Mission:

Louder Than a Bomb: The Michigan Youth Poetry Festival is an annual convening of high school writers dedicated to promoting artistic growth through peer engagement, team competition, and the celebration of youth voice.

LTAB Vision:

LTAB seeks to cultivate a space that allows young people—too often marginalized by the adult world—to speak and be heard. By the convening of young people in ways that are unthinkable in most other settings, LTAB fosters a shared love of writing and performing that creates bonds where typically there are boundaries. Students surmount cultural and socio-economic differences to take part in an experience where young writers learn about themselves while listening to the words of others.

LTAB combines friendly competition with a grounded, contemporary, and populist approach to poetry. This approach creates a culture where the telling of honest, authentic stories with the voices of young witnesses is not only valued, but is essential to building bridges between isolated populations.